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Are you going to eat that?

Kevin the Harmless

I think I'm gonna be one of those crazy street people. With a bike. I'll ride my bike (it used to be my grandfather's) and sing Spent all my money / on soymilk and cheese and What we need more of is Science.

I used to go by the name Acapnotic, but it's a big word that nobody ever knows how to pronounce.

I want to be a rabbi when I grow up.
240, 48 hour movie, aaron sorkin, ambition, andrew plotkin, anusara yoga, avoiding conflict, bad nerdcore, baking, baking bread, being constructive, being john malkovitch, bicycle commuting, brunettes, carrot cake soup, charlie kaufman, cheese, chocolate, communicating, composting, computer programming, concurrent versions system, connecting, cookies, cooking, corknut, daytime, debian, deus ex, double-sided transparency, douglas adams, dvorak keyboards, eating food, emacs, enneagram, escapism, explodingdog, fhqwhgads, free geek, free software, get fuzzy, gilmore girls, go, great big sea, green sky trilogy, haibane renmei, haruki murakami, honesty, ice cream, intimacy, jonathan coulton, joss whedon, koules, larry wall, laziness, learning, leatherman tools, libraries, linux, mental health, mind, muffins, myth, nethack, neurofeedback, newtonian physics, nighttime, not driving, nutrition, oberlin, open source, oregon, orson scott card, patience, pdq bach, peanut butter, people, perspective broker, pgp, pokey the penguin, portland, problem-solving, proscribing xml, python, quadra, quiet, recycling, responsible leaders, robert anton wilson, robotfindskitten, robotic nation, ruby, shelton's turkey jerky, sleeping, smashing the web, smiles, somewhat rapid movie project, songfight, source code, spider and web, spurl, stand for children, taking tests, the earth, the funhaus, the gimp, the postal service, thinking, three wishes, tofu, tom stoppard, transmetropolitan, trees, twisted, unit testing, vernor vinge, walks, wheat thins, why, willpower, winex, writing, zigzag