Kevin the Harmless (keturn) wrote,

tomato curry [company lunch]

I've been working with Ruby on a semi-regular basis for a while now, and there's something that's still bothering me. Well, to be honest, there are a number of things, but one of them in particular seems like it should be solvable.

Here's the last few frames of a typical Ruby on Rails traceback:

And here are the last few frames of a typical Nevow traceback in Python:

It's not just the web environment either, you can make similar comparisons between ipython and irb.

Is there any help to be had? Or should I tell my office manager to get one of those inflatable punching bags to smash the next time someone sends me one of these stupid crippled ruby tracebacks?

Tags: debugging, hacker, lazyweb, nevow, python, rails, ruby, tracebacks, webdev
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